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Blackwater Founder Accused In Court Of Intent To Kill

Blackwater Prosecution Washington Post Staff Writer The founder of Blackwater USA deliberately caused the deaths of innocent civilians in a series of shootings in Iraq, attorneys for Iraqis suing the security contractor told a federal judge Friday. The attorneys singled out Erik Prince, a former Navy SEAL who is the company's owner, for blame in the deaths of more than 20 Iraqis between 2005 and 2007. Six former Blackwater guards were criminally charged in 14 of the shootings, and family members and victims' estates sued Prince, Blackwater (now calledXe Services LLC) and a group of related companies. [youtube=]

The so-called free people in the West/East keep innocent people captive and shamelessly call themselves democracy providers. Fascist Israel exists on lands stolen from defenseless Palestinians; Zionist regime occupies the remaining lands of Palestinians with Western support in terms military plus economic aids and terrorizes innocent owners of Palestine. Israel has not yet revealed the facts and figures with regards to total murders of Palestinian by the Mossad controlled Israeli regime.

Nor has it informed the international community about its future holocaust intentions in Palestine. On doubts the sincerity of Israeli in resolving the decades long Palestine state issue.

The Zionist regime and their paid agents still insist, as an age old strategy to prolong the peace course, the Palestinians recognized Israel first and also want US president to respect the Zionist terror sentiments, because, they reason, whatever Israel does in Palestine or Arab world benefits USA as well. True, many US presidents took initiative for establishing Palestine state, of course, after letting the Jews annex the Palestinian lands, but by employing Jewish lobbyists and usual tactics, Israel effectively blocked each of them. More these Presidents tried less they succeeded thanks to Israeli resistance and stubbornness. (So much so, India also uses the resistance tactics to keep Kashmir under its brute custody, apart from transferring huge resources to US custody). Obviously, Israel does not want peace talks to succeed and Mossad/CIA play their brand games to squander the progress of the talks. Peace talks fail also because of the double standards and double-speaks of the USA and European states.

Israel both accepts and at the same time rejects the right of Palestinians to statehood that has complicated the matter. The current Hawkish Israeli premier does the same in a dramatic way to fool the international community. He says the illegal settlements would be removed and gives permission for more settlements. The Arabs flatly rejected it. As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knows all too well, President Bill Clinton’s peace plans in 2000 foundered due to Palestinian rejection of the Jewish state, even as. The two-state solution was accepted by Israel ’s pre-state leadership led by David Ben-Gurion in 1947 when it agreed to the partition plan contained in United Nation’s General Assembly Resolution 181. But in order to negate the impact of that, Israel chose wars and annexation of Arab lands. Today’s leadership must never forget that the core historic reason for the conflict is the Zionist’s longstanding rejection of Palestine’s existence.

The Zionist regime and its supporters that are essentially anti-Islamic by nature and temperament, keep harbouring the theme of existential crisis which is old dated and needs to be abandoned. Now the problem is how quickly to establish a sovereign state for the Palestinians. However, the funniest thing about Zionist regime and its western support cronies is: even after the recent Holocaust in Palestine killing thousands of defenceless Muslims, including old, women and children, their media hawks are still on their usual nefarious designs of slamming the defenceless Palestinians.

They ask President Obama to quickly instruct the Palestinian Authority to recognize Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people. The Zionist regeme claims to non-terrorists who kill defenselss Palestinians either for fun or for domestic political reason. Palestinians should not object to Israeli fascism because none would protect them form Israeli terrorism chiefly because even Arabs are having military links with Tel Aviv. This is not a trivial matter.


Palestinians do recognize Israel as the fascist regime in the Mideast creating all hurdles to effect a tenable and long lasting peace in the region. Palestinians also recognize Zionist terror methods to kill the Palestinians by employing cluster bombs secured from the west. But they cant recognise Israel as a normal country so long as they occupy Palestine and until a new Palestine state is established for the Palestinians to live peacefully like ordinary, dignified humans. No compromise can be made on Palestine’s right to exist inside secure borders unmolested by Israeli/Mossad terrorist groups or threatened by belligerent “democratic” western states.

In order to prolong and deny the Palestine state, the Zionist regime keeps inventing new items. More recent experience in Europe also offers lessons about the dangers of negotiating with Israeli terrorists who want all Arabs to lay down arms and follow Zionist dictates. They spread rumours about weapons around the Israel while keeping mum abut its own weapons and the arms sales it is engaged in around.

Bulk of media focused on Mideast issue probably don’t want the issue to be resolved that quickly. And the Zionist paid agents in writing direct US President Obama to respect the sovereignty of “democratic” allies like fascist Israel . “When free people in a democracy express their preferences, the United States should respect their opinions”, these elements argue. They are deadly annoyed with new rules at White House for peaceful resolutions of all regional conflicts and ask the current administration not to dare impose ideas on allies like “democratic” Israel that killed innocent Palestinians to gain popularity for the ruling regimes.

The illegal settlements being promoted by the illegal Zionist regime in Palestine must stop and the legacies be removed quickly for promoting peace. The Zionist regime insists on constructing more settlements against UN objections. Can any other country do that like this? Israel has intentionally made it a complex matter not to be e resolved in the near future. Terror invasions and illegal settlements are the lifeline of Zionism. Compromises between people of goodwill can be made on the settlements, but Israel has demonstrated against them in the past by demolishing not only Palestinians homes but also the truces agreed upon by both. That’s why an unambiguous strategy explaining precisely how fascist Israel can be disarmed and how Israeli regime can be prevented from keep militarising the country to terrorise its neighbours is of central importance to any peace plan. But President Obama must call Israel’s Iran bully a usual Jewish bluff.

Israel espouses false threat perceptions to retain the Palestinian lands illegally. It seeks to kill all peace talks by insistent invasions.. It is a sad statement of the Zionist approach to peace-making that denial of the Palestinian homeland is not simply contained in the openly anti-Islamic leadership of the Israeli regime. Kicking and killing the Palestinians is a widespread belief across the spectrum of Israeli opinion. This reality must be confronted.

Certainly for Israel its not an existence problem, but loss of opportunity to kill the defenselss Palestinians for domestic and fun purposes. The Zionist regime expects President Obama, like his predecessor Bush Jr.. did, visit Israel and call its “close ally” and “trusted friend” and call the Palestinians names, and also make fresh military and economic commitments to Zionism. The Obama administration outlines its own prospectus for a comprehensive settlement to Israel ’s conflict with the Palestinians and the wider Arab world, it would do well to take note of some potential pitfalls in past in trusting Israeli as an ally.

Clearly, wanting to have its own way every where, peace or no peace, the Israeli leadership has opted for confrontation with the Obama administration if President Obama shows his firmness in making Israel see reason and vacate the illegal possessions. Israel seeks to retain its right to attack Palestine in future on any available fictitious pretext. The way the Tel-Aviv regime ignores Obama’s request to stop and remove the illegal settlements in Palestine is a glaring case in point. Now ball has been lying in President Obama’s court that is being covered by Jewish lobbyists operating there.

A long-term settlement can only be forged on the basis of mutual recognition and respect. But Zionist neither recognise or respect the Palestinians right to exist. To deny the essence of the Palestine state is to call into question the seriousness of any commitment to peace.


Perhaps, the Zionist regime has not yet realised the crude reality that their state terrorism cannot go on smoothly hereafter. Israel must respect international law and UN.

President Obama has displayed his resolve to establish the much delayed Palestine state as early as possible, over-ruling the usual Jews led Neocons and Zionist lobbyists still roaming about the Washington streets. To be successful, the Obama administration will require patience and fortitude. But most importantly, the fascist Israel should be placed as criminals and talks to them only as such and not to treat as a legal entity. To be sure, we must have hope. Peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan are useful models. Nonetheless, the recent rebuffs by Jordan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia of efforts by the Obama administration to promote a more conciliatory attitude to Israel offer a salient reminder that those who started this conflict may not yet be in a mood to end it, whatever their rhetoric to the contrary.

Making peace in the Middle East is an unenviable task, but only Israeli paid agents insists only on Israel’s terms. It will also require an ability to stand above the fray, to see the problems for what they are, and the courage to confront them at their source in Tel Aviv. The Obama administration must not support what they call Israel ’s opponents but let Israelis use the settlement issue as a convenient excuse for failing to make moves of peace making.

Iraq Blackwater

Blackwater founder implicated in Murder “A former Blackwater employee and an ex-US Marine who has worked as a security operative for the company have made a series of explosive allegations in sworn statements filed on August 3 in federal court in Virginia. The two men claim that the company’s owner, Erik Prince, may have murdered or facilitated the murder of individuals who were cooperating with federal authorities investigating the company. The former employee also alleges that Prince “views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe,” and that Prince’s companies “encouraged and rewarded the destruction of Iraqi life …

Tim Lahaye and the Blackwater Connection

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Beware of False Prophets and False Religious Teachers and Bible Schools that Promote the Luciferian Rapture Doctrine.

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Mike Evans in Israelas no basis fact on how Biblical prophecy will truly unfold.


That Left Behind series was nothing more than Illuminati propaganda for the Christian community. It has no basis fact on how Biblical prophecy will truly unfold.
Loewenstein believes that Erik Prince is a Christian fundamentalist who with his group ofBlackwater bandits are causing death and destruction
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Israeli Soldiers Testify: We Used Gazans as Human Shields!

Erik Prince is the founder of Blackwater mercenaries. Erik Prince is the son of a billionaire Michigan industrialist named Edgar Prince. His father was a generous contributor to right-wing evangelical “Protestant” causes and Erik became a major contributor to Catholic organizations….He founded Blackwater in 1998. Tim LaHaye and the Council for National Policy. In 1981, Tim LaHaye was the founder of a highly secretive conservative think tank called the Council for National Policy dedicated to turning the nation to the right. One of the founding members was named Edgar Prince, father of Erik Prince, the secretive founder of the Blackwater mercenaries: The 5th branch of the CONfederate military is called BLACKWATER after the area in Camden County, North Carolina, where the mercenaries train. Of course they don’t call themselves mercenaries but private contractors. Their founder, Erik Prince, is described by the media as a RIGHT WING EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN!!

A decade ago, the company barely existed; and yet, its “diplomatic security” contracts since mid-2004, with the State Department alone, total more than $750 million. Today, Blackwater has become nothing short of the Bush administration’s well-paid Praetorian Guard. It protects the U.S. ambassador and other senior officials in Iraq as well as visiting congressional delegations; it trains Afghan security forces and was deployed in the oil-rich Caspian Sea region, setting up a “command and control” center just miles from the Iranian border. The company was also hired to protect FEMA operations and facilities in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, where it raked in $240,000 a day from the American taxpayer, billing $950 a day per Blackwater contractor.

“But Erik Prince’s philanthropy has certainly not been limited to Catholic causes. The Prince family was deeply involved in the secretive Council for National Policy, described by the New York Times as “a little-known club of a few hundred of the most powerful conservatives in the country [which has] met behind closed doors at undisclosed locations for a confidential conference” three times a year “to strategize about how to turn the country to the right.” The Council was started in 1981 by the Rev. Tim LaHaye, one of the founders of the modern right-wing Christian movement in the United States and author of the apocalyptic Left Behind novels.”‘ The idea was to build a Christian conservative alternative to the Rockefeller Council on Foreign Relations, which LaHaye considered too liberal. CNP membership is kept secret, and members are instructed that ‘The media should not know when or where we meet or who takes part in our programs, before or after a meeting.’

Hal Lindsey is known as the father of modern “Bible” prophecy. His famous Late Great Planet Earth sold over 35 million copies and spawned the billion dollar end-times industry, whose books and videos repeat his dispensational theme, and are patterned after his novel writing style. Lindsey actually is a Jesuit in disguise as 2 of his daughters attended Jesuit Gonzaga University. That Left Behind series was nothing more than Illuminati propaganda for the Christian community. It has no basis fact on how Biblical prophecy will truly unfold.

Once again, the Israeli army admits of committing war crimes in Gaza. A Golani brigade soldier confessed that the Israeli occupation forces used Palestinians as human shields during Gaza war last January despite a 2005 High Court ruling outlawing the practice. The soldier said his unit employed a variation of the practice, the so-called “neighbor procedure,” when it checked homes for Palestinian resistance fighters.

The soldier’s testimony appears in a collection of accounts being published this week by Breaking the Silence, an organization that collects Israeli soldiers’ testimony on human rights abuses by the military.

In a print and video testimony published on Wednesday by the activist group, the 30 soldiers say they were commanded to shoot first and then worry about civilian causalities adding that the Israeli army’s imperative was to minimize its own casualties to ensure Israeli public support for the Gaza operation. A Palestinian rights group has stated that 1,417 Palestinians were killed, 926 of them civilians, during the Israeli war on Gaza. But Israel has put the death toll at 1,166 and estimated 295 dead were civilians. Ten occupation soldiers and three settlers were also killed.

The soldier, a staff sergeant, said that in his unit and others, Palestinians were often sent into houses to determine if there was anyone inside. “The practice was not to call it ‘the neighbor procedure.’ Instead it was called ‘Johnny,’” the soldier said, using Israeli military slang for Palestinian civilians. The Israeli occupation employed this practice extensively during the second intifada, before it was outlawed by the High Court of Justice in 2005.

In an incident his commanders told him about, three “armed militants” were in a house. Attack helicopters were brought in. “They … again sent the [Palestinian] neighbor in. At first he said that nothing had happened [to the armed men],” the soldier said. “Again they brought in attack helicopters and fired. They again sent in the neighbor. He said there were two dead and one still alive. They then brought in a bulldozer and began to knock the house down on him until [the neighbor] entered.” The soldier said he had been told that the only militant remaining alive was captured and turned over to the Shin Bet security service.

The Golani soldier also testified that his commanders reported incidents in which Palestinians were given sledgehammers to break through walls to let the army enter through the side of houses. The army feared that the doors were booby-trapped.

The soldier said he had heard of other instances in which Palestinian civilians were used as human shields. One time, for example, a Palestinian was put at the front of an Israeli military force with a gun pointed at him from behind.

The Israeli military Spokesman’s Office, for its part, said that “the IDF regrets the fact that a human rights organization would again present to the country and the world a report containing anonymous, generalized testimony without checking the details or their reliability, and without giving the IDF, as a matter of minimal fairness, the opportunity to check the matters and respond to them before publication.”

For his part, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak responded to the report saying that “if anyone has any criticism, information of reservations over the IDF’s operations, they must direct them to me as the State of Israel’s defense minister and to the Israeli government, which was the one to order to IDF to restore calm in the southern communities.” Minister Barak added, “Criticism directed at the IDF by one organization or another is inappropriate and is directed at the wrong place. The IDF is one of the most ethical armies in the world and acts in accordance with the highest moral code.” Barak asserted after the war that Israel had the “most moral army” in the world.

SHOOT FIRST, WORRY LATER! Moreover, a number of Israeli occupation soldiers who took part in Israel’s recent Gaza aggression were quoted by Breaking the Silence group as saying that they were urged by commanders to shoot first and worry later about sorting out civilians from combatants. Accordingly, they say, the force went into Gaza with guns blazing.

The 112-page report by Breaking the Silence includes testimonies of 30 soldiers “who served in all sectors of the operation”.

“Better hit an innocent than hesitate to target an enemy,” is a typical description by one unidentified soldier of his understanding of instructions repeated at pre-invasion briefings and during the 22-day war, from Dec. 27 to Jan. 18.

“If you’re not sure, kill. Fire power was insane. We went in and the booms were just mad,” says another. “The minute we got to our starting line, we simply began to fire at suspect places. In urban warfare, anyone is your enemy. No innocents.”

“We did not get instructions to shoot at anything that moved,” said one soldier. “But we were generally instructed: if you feel threatened, shoot. They kept repeating to us that this is war and in war opening fire is not restricted.”

UMBRELLA OF FIRE The report repeats charges denied by Israel that white phosphorus was fired indiscriminately into Gaza streets. It cites “massive destruction was unrelated to any direct threat to Israeli forces” and “permissive” rules of engagement.

One soldier said that his unit had received an order to “ignite” an area. “The way to do that was to actually fire phosphorus shells from above,” he said. “What the phosphorus does is to let out an umbrella of fire over the target and naturally that ignites the whole house.” The results of a white phosphorus bombardment were “upsetting” another soldier said, “because in training you learn that white phosphorus is not used, and you’re taught that it’s not humane”.

The report also mentions armored bulldozers razing whole areas including gardens, and olive and orange groves. “We didn’t see a single house that was intact … that was not hit. The entire infrastructure, tracks, fields, roads, was in total ruin. The D-9 (bulldozer) had gone over everything,” the report quotes a soldier as saying.

Outcry Against Gaza “War Crimes” Grows: CBS News


Conflict in Gaza

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Mike Evans in Israel

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