Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obama Buckle Under MSM Presure and Choose Biden for VP


MSM (Main Stream Media) is excited about the O'Biden ticket. MSM is control by Catholics and Joe Biden is Roman Catholic. Obama buckle under the MSM presure and felt that he needed to select a Catholic to win.. Biden might be president sooner than he think. The Illuminati still want to implement the New World Order..

Breaking: Obama selects Joe Biden as his VP running mate
Los Angeles Times, CA -
So the recent events in Georgia involving Russian troops sent shock waves all the way down Chicago’s Michigan Avenue to Obama headquarters.

It’s official: It’s Biden

The text messages have gone out, and Barack Obama has chosen U.S. Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware as his running mate in the race for the White House.
Join us here for live video of the first Obama-Biden rally this afternoon in Springfield.
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