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McCain Pick Beauty Queen VP - Gov. Palin's Could be Impeach - John McCain Abandoned First Wife and Family

GOP VP. Sarah Palin News - Photo - Video - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Miss Wasilla 1984! Beauty Queen picture. Watch Out Cindy..

Maryline Blackburn.

Miss Alaska 1984

Blackburn was crowned Miss Alaska 1984. Sarah was 1st runner-up and Miss Congeniality.

VP Candidate Sarah Palin Sex Scandals? - Vikings & Bikers

50 Animals were killed in the making of the above photo…

John McCain’s VP Sarah Palin -

Palin's 17 yrs old Daughter Bristol Pregnant, may Marry Father -but won't Abort

John McCain's running mate Sarah Palin said Monday that her 17-year-old unmarried daughter is five months pregnant..


A recent photo of Bristol Palin (first on the left), her family (brother Track is absent), John, Cindy and Meghan McCain.

- Palin's daughter Bristol who attends an Anchorage high school, was reportedly absent for what would have been the last 4 -5 months of her mother's pregnancy, claiming to be suffering from a prolonged case of mono.

Picture taken April 3, 2008 - (Sarah Don't appear to be pregnant)Baby was born April 18, 2008

She deliverd April 18??

- Sarah Palin's water broke while she was attending a conference in Texas. She then proceeded to give a 30-minute speech before taking an 11-12 hour flight home to Alaska to give birth.

MediaSarah Palin Gets Cover Of Us, OK! Magazines

From Mercede myspace (levi’s sister) Sarah & Bristol Palin with Trig

Mercede (Levi’s sister) and Bristol Palin with Baby Trig

Levi Johnston And Track Palin Join Family In St. Paul

Levi Photo (Mercede’s brother) Is this the father to Bristol’s baby

Could this be Bristol’s second pregnancy? Or is Trig actually Sarah’s baby boy? Well, we do know that Trig Palin is 4 months old. Trig Palin was born April 18, 2008. NOT MAY as Sarah tells it. If Bristol Palin is 5 months pregnant, she would have had to have gotten pregnant immediately after giving birth to Trig. So makes you wonder if the stories are false and Sarah Palin is the actual mother to Trig? The women in the Palin family are very fertile.

Conservative Commentators Caught On Tape About Palin

Wall Street Journal columnist and former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan and former John McCain adviser, Time columnist, and MSNBC contributor Mike Murphy were caught on tape disparaging John McCain's selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate.

"It's over," Noonan said.

When Chuck Todd asked her if this was the most qualified woman the Republicans could nominate, Noonan responded, "The most qualified? No. I think they went for this political bullsh*t about narratives. Every time the Republicans do that, because that's not where they live and that's not what they're good at, they blow it."

Murphy characterized the choices as "cynical" and "gimmicky."

The National Enquirer Prepares to Print Story That Sarah Palin Had Affair

The National Enquirer Prepares to Print Story That Sarah Palin Had Affair

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John and Carol McCain Family Pics - Pictures tells all: McCharacter

John McCain with his wife First Carol, sons,
Doug, Andy, and daughter Sidney. John McCain Divorced his first wife Carol to marry Cindy who was a super rich beauty queen. Seem like all the leading women in John McCain's life are beauty queens. Sorry Ugly Betty
McCain and ex-wife
In 1979 – while still married to Carol – he met Cindy at a cocktail party in Hawaii. Over the next six months he pursued her, flying around the country to be with her. He divorced Carol and married Cindy one month later. John McCain applied for his marriage license to Cindy before he divorce Carol. The McCain children were devastated.

John McCain was unfaithful to his first wife and is not a member Of any Church..Why are Evangelicals embracing him? His current wife Cindy was his Mistress..Cindy's mother was Jim Hensley mistress.. Jim left his wife to marry Cindy's mother. Cindy and her mother were home wreckers.

John McCain was unfaithful to his first wife and is not a member of a church If he will dump on a woman he loved and married simply because she becomes .

The pastor who officiated Jenna Bush’s wedding in May recently criticized John McCain for his comments at a biker rally earlier this month. ABC has the story. “Well, I don’t know a lot about John McCain’s family history, I do know, however, that as recently as last week I think it was, the Senator made a comment in South Dakota regarding his wife entering some Buffalo Chips contest which is this topless deal and if she were to enter she

Ross Perot Does Not Like John McCain. McCain Threw Wife Away for Beauty Queen| An Unfaithful Dog - The Ruth Group

Ross Perot, who paid her medical bills all those years ago, … believes that both Carol McCain and the American people have been taken in by a man who is unusually slick and cruel – even by the standards of modern politics. ‘McCain is the classic opportunist. He’s always reaching for attention and glory,’ he said. After he came home, Carol walked with a limp. So he threw her over for a poster girl with big money from Arizona. And the rest is history.’

Dobson says 'no way' to McCain candidacy

Jan 13, 2007 ... "Speaking as a private individual, I would not vote for John McCain under any circumstances," said James Dobson, founder of the Colorado
James Dobson of Focus on the Family 'flip-flops' and Support McCain-Palin
Washington Times, DC - 9 hours ago
Focus on the Family President James Dobson told The Washington Times Friday he now fully supports Mr. McCain, joining a chorus of influential social and .
DENVER (AP) — Cindy McCain’s half sister says she will not vote for Republican John McCain and plans to cast her ballot for his Democratic rival,
The Associated Press - 108 related articles »
Cindy McCain’s half-sis: I’m voting for Barack Obama..Jim Hensley abandon us for Cindy’s mother..who wrecked our home.
New York Daily News, NY -
Barack Obama has two more pledged supporters - and he has Cindy McCain to thank for it. McCain’s estranged half-sister, Kathleen Hensley Portalski,

IN DEFENSE OF CAROL MCCAIN..John Abandoned his Wife and Family

John McCain abandoned a crippled woman. Especially, after she waited faithfully for him while he was a POW in Vietnam. Yes, she was 4 inches shorter, heavier and used crutches, but doesn’t loyalty, dedication and commitment weigh into the picture. No, the attractive, svelte and wealthy ,Cindy McCain was a much better catch then the loyal, dedicated and committed Carol McCain.

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