Monday, January 5, 2009

Israel's Terrorism Continue - UN School in Gaza Attack Killing 50 Children Over 650 Gaza Citizens Killed - Bill Richardson Withdraws From Team Obama

World Leaders Converge In Region To Press For Peace…

Israel - stop the Bombing of Gaza by Takver.
Home made placard from Melbourne protest December 30, 2008 about Israel’s attack on Gaza. The photo was taken on the lawn of the State Library.

Arthur Koestler’s Book The Thirteenth Tribe..Who Are Modern-day Jew? Are They Semitic? Truth

The Thirteenth Tribe, Arthur Koestler refutes the idea of a Jewish “race.” Moreover, he says that most Jews of the contemporary world did not come from Palestine and are not even of Semitic origin. His research shows that most Jews originated in what today is the Soviet Union. And that a group of people there became Jews through conversion, on the orders of their king. “The bulk of modern Jewry is not of Palestinian, but of Caucasian origin,” Koestler writes. “Their ancestors came not from the Jordan but from the Volga, not from Canaan but from the Caucasus.” Arthur Koestler, a Jewish historian, in his work, “The ThirteenthTribe”, …. they bow their knee to these super rich Kharzar Zionist communist Jews.Israel threatens to unleash ‘holocaust’ in Gaza

NewWorldOrderResearch.Org and Campaign 2008

Countless people will hate the New World Order and will die protesting against it. Bill; Hillary Clinton ; the Bushes serve the same masters. 
Christian Right pastors and spokesmen in thousands of churches swear that Israel has a biblical right to bomb Gaza and Lebanon. They teach that to resist Israel is to interfere with God’s Plan. The normally Israeli-sympathetic network  Christian Zionism: Religion as Law, Power, and Conquest
 Even among conservative and fundamentalist Christians, Christian Zionists represent some of the most extreme and dangerous ideologues in American religion. Unfortunately, they are also very influential in conservative Christianity; the. ..I




A Palestinian girl cries at the site of an Israeli air strike in Rafah

A BBC reporter in Gaza says people are desperately seeking refuge, but he says there are no safe places.

Israel intensifies assault on Gaza    

More than 500 Palestinian and four Israeli civilians killed and 2,450 injured so far.
Live Twitter updates on Gaza
Gaza war diary: No guarantees
Video: Israel continues Gaza attack
Video: Gaza family mourns deaths
How will the Israeli war on Gaza affect the region?


PM says Amman will not “remain silent” after protesters demand government action.
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 More than 500 Kenyan Muslims burn a mock Israeli flag in Nairobi [AFP]


Israeli troops push deep into Gaza
Israeli troops gained control of the eastern section of northern Gaza Sunday, less than 24 hours after launching a ground incursion, according to Palestinian security sources. At least 550 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza Sunday, Palestinian medical sources said. full story

MJ Rosenberg

MJ Rosenberg

Where Is Israel Going?

These are terrible days for those of us who long to see Israel finally accepted by its neighbors. At a time when all 22 Arab states have offered Israel peace and normalization in exchange for the ‘67 territories, this war could destroy that possibility once and for all….read full storyGaza rocket commander killed, Israel says

Richardson Withdraws As Commerce Secretary Nominee 
Amid Grand Jury Investigation

Obama Statement … Richardson Statement

City protest against Israel’s Gaza actions


City protest against Israel’s Gaza actions

Protesters turned out this afternoon in downtown Chicago to protest Israel’s recent military action in the Gaza Strip.  

People gather in Pioneer Court on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago to protest against Israel’s recent military actions in the Gaza Strip. (Tribune / Terrence Antonio James) More photos at

Officials with the city’s Office of Emergency Management and Communication estimated the crowd at 4,000 people, many of whom first gathered in Pioneer Plaza near Tribune Tower at about 2 p.m. chanting slogans, waving Palestinian flags and carrying signs that read, “Stop U.S. Aid to Israe