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Napal 7.8 Earthquake in Pictures - Napal PM 10,000 fear Dead - Earthquake Triggers Avalanches on Mt. Everest

   Police: 101-year-old man rescued one week after Nepal quake

Nepal earthquake: Two rescued after five days

In Kathmandu, rescue workers from Nepal and the US worked for hours to free the boy from the rubble of the building.
He was carried away with a brace strapped around his neck, and was taken to an Israeli-run field hospital.
He later told the BBC: "There were so many people around me in the rubble. They were screaming."
 Rescue Brings A Bit Of Good News To Nepal's Capital After Earthquake

Nepal Earthquake Death Toll Climbs Past 7,000: Officials ...

Nepal Earthquake: 4-Month-Old Baby Rescued After 22 Hours Buried Beneath Rumble

Nepal PM: Earthquake Death Toll Could Reach 10,000

The death toll from the devastating earthquake in Nepal could rise to 10,000, Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has said.
Many families are awaiting news of loved ones who are still missing after the devastating earthquake struck on Saturday.
Other developments include:
  • Between 17 and 22 people were killed on Mount Everest after the quake triggered a major avalanche
  • All climbers stranded on the face of the mountain have now been airlifted to safety
  • International aid to the affected region was delayed by flights being unable to land and huge traffic jams on the roads out of Kathmandu

Nepal earthquake april 2015 Terremoto Nepal

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Official death toll in Nepal tops 5,000

The official death toll in Nepal has topped 5,000, the country's National Emergency Operation Center has said.
The latest figures put the number of dead at 5,057, with almost 11,000 injured and more than 450,000 displaced by Saturday's devastating earthquak

www.cbsnews.com/news/nepal-earthquake-how-to-help-the...   CachedThe death toll in the Nepal earthquake has reached ... clearance to land and distribute emergency health supplies intended to support 10,000 people for three

www.breakingnews.com/item/2015/04/25/the-earthquake-in...   CachedApr 25, 2015 · Editor's note: The earthquake in Nepal, ... Per Wikipedia, the 1934 Nepal-Bihar earthquake measured 8.2 and left more than 10,000 dead

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