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America in Crisis Truth - Koch Brother's Plan to Destroy America - Christian Reconstructionism in America

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American Theocracy Revisited - NYTimes.com

Aug 28, 2011 - ... Tea Party activists, birth certificate obsessives, the Koch brothers. ... and “Christian Reconstructionism,” and used these links to suggest that  
Deborah Caldwell

The Far-Right Christian Movement Driving the Debt Default

Religion and politics writer
 If the U.S. breaches its debt ceiling this week, bringing with it the global financial panic economists predict, leaders of a little-known far-right movement called Christian Reconstructionism can claim partial responsibility. Their goal: to eradicate the U.S. government so that a theocratic Christian nation emerges to enforce biblical laws.

That's right -- laws out of the Book of Leviticus prohibiting adultery, homosexuality, and abortion, with penalties including death by stoning.

The key leader of this movement is Gary North, founder of the Institute for Christian Economics in Tyler, Texas. He's a long-time associate of Ron Paul, intellectual godfather of the Tea Party movement -- the very people responsible for Congressional deadlock over the government shutdown and debt ceiling debate.

Paul and North go way back. North served on Paul's first congressional staff in 1976, and North describes himself as Paul's "original staff economist." Earlier this year, Paul announced plans for a curriculum for home schoolers that will teach "biblical" concepts. The director of curriculum development for the program? Gary North.

In an Oct. 4 column in The Tea Party Economist, North describes government default as a "fake threat." So it can't be a surprise that the Tea Party caucus isn't taking government default seriously.

And what of the connection between this group and Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who almost singlehandedly created the government shutdown and debt ceiling crisis?

Cruz is the son of Rafael Cruz, a Texas pastor who directs Purifying Fire Ministries. According to a biography page for the True the Vote summit in April 2013, Rafael Cruz became active in politics during the 1980 presidential campaign, joining the Religious Roundtable, founded in 1979 to involve conservative Christians in politics. "The Religious Roundtable was a Judeo-Christian organization that mobilized millions of Christians all across the United States and helped elect Ronald Reagan," Cruz said. "It was a precursor of the Tea Party, even before the Moral Majority."

What to make of all of this? For the last few weeks Tea Party-leaning members of Congress have been described as "kooks" and "crazies" by the Washington establishment, liberals, moderate Republican leaders, and the media.

The name-calling might be satisfying to those who oppose the Tea Party, but it's entirely untrue. These are people who are patient, determined, deliberate, and rational.

I know this because I spent many years as a reporter covering religion and politics, more than four of them in Texas. So I've been watching conservative Christians for a long time, since the era of the late Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority, to the days of Pat Robertson's early Christian Coalition, and on to the culture wars of the 1990s and early 2000s.

During the years I covered religion, I watched politicking creep into evangelical congregations from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to Texas and beyond. In New Jersey, I interviewed the state coordinator of the Christian Coalition who in those early days revealed to me the movement's stealth plan to "take over" the Republican Party, "precinct by precinct."

Later, when I was working in Dallas, I wrote another story, this time about a movement to "take down" the nation's public schools, promoted by the Alliance for the Separation of School and State, among other groups. As it turns out, Ron Paul was one of the signers of the group's proclamation to "end government involvement in education."

Then there were the annual meetings of the Southern Baptist Convention, America's largest Protestant denomination, which during those years was engaged in an epic battle between conservative and moderate factions. At the time, a group of fundamentalist Southern Baptists had hatched a plan to "take back" the denomination. Over about 25 years, they prevailed.

At one such meeting in the Superdome in New Orleans, a distraught pastor told me he believed something darker than a desire for conservative theology was driving the battle in his denomination, and he handed me a sheaf of papers describing Christian Reconstructionism. He claimed that the fundamentalists wanted to use the denomination as a launching pad to bring down the federal government and usher in a Christian nation ruled by biblical laws.

Was it true? I didn't know. I kept the file and referred to it occasionally in the following years as I reported on the Religious Right.

Recently, however, I came across a line from North's book Unholy Spirits that gave me pause. He wrote, "The ideas of the Reconstructionists have penetrated into Protestant circles that for the most part are unaware of the original source of the theological ideas that are beginning to transform them."

And then there are newsletters stretching back to 1977 on Gary North's website, describing "guerilla tactics" and "bottom-up theocracy" to achieve Christian Reconstructionism's goals.

The unifying principle of all these data points: a long-term covert plan of destruction for the Republican Party, the nation's public schools, the nation's largest Protestant denomination. And, of course, for the nation itself.

But why? In his 1991 book, Christian Reconstructionism: What It Is, What It Isn't, North writes, "Reconstructionists... do not believe that the will of the political majority is the final law in society." They believe that the Bible is.

In order to make their vision of society a reality, they are willing to wait a long time and to engage in politics to make it happen. "We are to work at our callings and wait on the Lord to place us in positions of influence in his time," according to North's book.

Once in power, they assert their brand of Christianity: "Christian Reconstructionists further insist that Jesus Christ is Lord of political leaders," he writes. "All political leaders are directly responsible to Jesus Christ in the discharge of their public office, as well as in their private lives... Practically, this means that political leaders should seek the guidance of Scripture in framing their political positions and programs."

Interestingly, Reconstructionists don't seem to care about actually holding onto power in the conventional sense: "The purpose of getting involved in politics, as Reconstructionists see it, is to reduce the power of the State," according to North's book.

And they are willing to wait to get what they want. "History is with the Reconstructionists as they advocate a return to God's law as the standard for righteous living, for the individual in self-government as well as elected officials in civil government," North writes.

That is what makes the debt ceiling debate so chilling. The Reconstructionists have waited a long time to be in powerful positions. And now that they possess power, they are perfectly willing to use it to "reduce the power of the state" so that the God of the Old Testament can swoop in to rule the Christian nation they believe will result from chaos.

And from where they sit, blowing up the financial system is a pretty good way to make it happen.

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Below is the original 2011 exposé that includes links to some obscure documents that back up Greenwald's assertions.
Do share this with others as the truth about the bought and paid for Echo Chamber of disinformation funded by the Koch Brothers.
And, yes, this information can be disconcerting, but let's not run away from the truth.
This is not the only Exposé, just the only one connecting additional, important dots that even reach beyond our shores.  These billionaires want global control.
We have to stop this cabal in 2014, 2016, and every local election from dog catcher on up.  I Europe these types of anti-social responsibility conservatives are called fascists.
Here are two other articles that back up some of the same information:
The NYTimes articles states
All three tycoons are the latest incarnation of what the historian Kim Phillips-Fein labeled “Invisible Hands” in her prescient 2009 book of that title: those corporate players who have financed the far right ever since the du Pont brothers spawned the American Liberty League in 1934 to bring down F.D.R. You can draw a straight line from the Liberty League’s crusade against the New Deal “socialism” of Social Security, the Securities and Exchange Commission and child labor laws to the John Birch Society-Barry Goldwater assault on J.F.K. and Medicare to the Koch-Murdoch-backed juggernaut against our “socialist” president (ie THE ASTROTURFED TEA PARTY and Rand Paul-like so-called Libertarians)
The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party by NYTimes' Frank Rich Jane Mayer states
David H. Koch ... and his brother Charles are lifelong libertarians and have quietly given more than a hundred million dollars to right-wing causes.
COVERT OPERATIONS The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama. BY JANE MAYER
I hope you will help spread this information far and wide via Facebook and Twitter (drop my avi name if you do Retweet:  My avi name (OccupyGreed) is censored from all twitter hashtag and search streams, so very few get to see my tweets that are looking for information.  You have my consent and permission to copy/drop my twitter avi/paste and publish.  It would be good to NOT loose this information.
You may also copy and publish this information without citing me.  I'm just trying to help people understand our dire circumstances and how we got to this place.  And it is dire.  I know this is long, but please read it and share with others.
Keep Standing UP!  I am proud of all who bravely do.
UPDATE:  This article was written in February, 2011 before OWS emerged.  I have edited and updated, providing some additional information.
THE TRUTH is unsettling; however, we MUST know how we got to where we are.  We must know The Plan being used to strip us of our freedoms by those who are using the word FREEDOM to hoodwink us. Please don't be hoodwinked.  Please take the time to read this well-cited article.
Tired of feeling like you are in the dark, sensing the world is heading towards a precipice yet your powerless to stop it?  Feeling like your superglued to an orb spinning out of control?
Below are some snippets that connect the threads of an 80 year plan that haven't been completely connected by others.  The Kochs + The Family + The John Birch Society.  A very clever plan to grasp the world for the few, while squeezing dignity and even life from the many.
A specific faux Christian Plan has been spread and taught to politicians, dictators, corporate leaders, pastors, mullahs, power players.  Special attention and lots of financing are poured into youth training worldwide to create vessels of power.  David Bahati was chosen by the Family to be a Ugandan vessel of power, for example.
Secret Five (5) Key Men cells are in place. For a chilling wake-up, reality check, Google:  Stalin "five man cells"  Forming "Five man cells" is a very old and effective organizing technique.
The same message is taught to all religious persuasions forming this worldwide Web of Power and Influence called The Family, a seemingly cynical reference to the Mafia.
What is the core message?  Jesus Plus Nothing.
In a process called Reconciliation,  US Senators open the eyes of Muslim Dictators and Mullahs.   Senators have helped them see the power of recognizing this truth.  After all, Jesus is mentioned in the Koran over 100 times. This all done in secret, of course.  On the surface, the media portrays the dramatic discourse of divisions.
Click here to read Doug Coe's Speech. Doug is the Key Man of The Family.  Rick Warren is one of many Pastors teaching leaders worldwide.  The Family are also teaching the same, quite frankly, frightening justifications to his followers worldwide :
You will find that, 80 years ago, in response to FDRs safety nets and unions gains, Abraham Vereide (founder of The Family), Fred Koch (a Vereide associate and one of the John Birch Society founders), many Politicians, Oil Men in particular, Pastors, and Industrial Leaders, began working quietly to end any/all Unions and Social Safety nets and to privatize utilities and government services.
This is a worldwide network so vast it's mindboggling.  Who are some of these people? How are they globally organized?  Read these eye popping lists.  The Technocrats:
List of American Financial Masters of the Universe and the European Masters of the Universe.
How are the threads connected?  Here's how:
This diary is organized as follows:
A Preface, hopefully to inspire us to action.
Overview of the History of Labor and Social Security
The 80 Year History of The Family, the theocratic underpinnings
Fred Koch's History, and The John Birch Society
A Plea for Us to Get Organized and Act
Lots of References to back up the diary.

Who seems to be winning in this world?
I call the whole bunch The Scrooge Class.  They are the haves that have fought to keep theirs, take yours, and send your kids off to their profitable wars and booty gains.
All was well for The Scrooge Class until 1929.  Not so well for American workers.
Lots of elderly people simply died of hunger and neglect. It was the American way for the poor, especially those with no children.
Rats infested a lot of housing in big cities. Status quo.
And most of the wealth was in the hands of about 1% of the population. The same as now.
Top 1% Income Gains Highest Since 1920s
It was a dog-eat-dog world just like it is becoming again.  Today hundreds of thousands of Americans who followed all the rules are unemployed, some for a few years now.  They are America's nouveau poor.
The Scrooge Class 80 year secret, stealthy plan to eliminate the gains our grandparents made to form unions to improve labor in America, that list of the Masters of the Universe above, are in a full court press to take us back to the horrors of 1800s and early 1900s.
In the US, their "Right to Work" ploy is working, and we are ALL the losers if we don't stand up and fight like our grandparents did.  "Right to Work" is a euphemism for the "Right to pay low wages with no benefits."
The poverty rates in America today are worse then they are in Egypt:
40% of Americans earn less that $20,000 a year!
50% earn less than $26,000 a year!
And 72% earn less than $42,000 a year!

Here's proof of the deplorable state of income for most Americans in 2009:

Taxes Median Income
The Scrooge Class has kept wages in America flat for 30 years!
Tax Average Median Wage
Sure, in the beginning of the 20th Century there were horrible labor struggles and many workers were shot in cold blood by corporate hired goons or state militia.
And, sure, big business/wealthy had no problem working American children in sweat shops for 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, even to death.
And, yes, the wealthy Americans didn't seem overly concerned as wave after wave of immigrants came here to work in their sweat shops for barely enough to survive on.
Yes, a cursory knowledge of labor in America proves over and over again, that the top 1% are happy to have, and have little regard for those millions who make their wealth possible.
The Workers or The Masses
10.2.10 March - One Nation Working Together
In 1929, many responsible for the suffering and injustice for millions of people got their just desserts. They lost everything.
The world turned upside down. The Depression exposed just how thin the safety net for a majority of Americans really was and, worse, just how heartless and uncaring those with wealth and access to political power could be.
After a long struggle, FDR was able to wangle a modicum of security for Americans workers, the disabled, elderly, and mothers and children left behind when Dad died.
PLEASE listen to the speech FDR gave to WAKE PEOPLE UP.  When you listen to his words, you will find that this speech is 100% relevant to the state the majority of Americans, and for that matter workers throughout the Western world, find themselves in.  THIS IS THE SPEECH WE NEED TO HEAR!

The People forced FDR's hand and Social Security Act of 1935 became law. Click here to read the SSA of 1935.  It's short and to the point..
Labor won many of its battles. Unions were created to stand up for workers rights.
The War Against Labor and Social Safety Nets Was Launched.

THE 80 YEAR HISTORY OF "THE FAMILY", the theocratic underpinning of the so-called, world-wide AUSTERITY MOVEMENT.
1930's:   Abraham Veriede, the founder of "The Prayer Breakfast organization now known as The Famly" began to organize an anti-Union battle in the Northwest. He taught a new religion to America's CEOs, politicians, and the wealthy here and abroad.  A Jesus justified assault on unions, social safety nets, fair wages, and human dignity.  A world-wide power grab was launched.  (There is an in depth report by a controversial writer, Wayne Madsen.  I trust readers to use discernment here:  EXPOSÉ: THE “CHRISTIAN” MAFIA)
The War: The Masses vs The Masters .
Emphasis mine
Harper's Magazine broke the story in 2003, but few realized the global impact of The Family.
The Family was founded in April 1935 by Abraham Vereide, a Norwegian immigrant who made his living as a traveling preacher. One night, while lying in bed fretting about socialists, Wobblies, and a Swedish Communist who, he was sure, planned to bring Seattle under the control of Moscow, Vereide received a visitation: a voice, and a light in the dark, bright and blinding. The next day he met a friend, a wealthy businessman and former major, and the two men agreed upon a spiritual plan. They enlisted nineteen business executives in a weekly breakfast meeting and together they prayed, convinced that Jesus alone could redeem Seattle and crush the radical unions.
They wanted to give Jesus a vessel, and so they asked God to raise up a leader.
One of their number, a city councilman named Arthur Langlie, stood and said, “I am ready to let God use me.” Langlie was made first mayor and later governor, backed in both campaigns by money and muscle from his prayer-breakfast friends, whose number had rapidly multiplied.
As Vereide recounted in a 1961 biography, Modern Viking, one union boss joined the group, proclaiming that the prayer movement would make unions obsolete. He said, “'I got down on my knees and asked God to forgive me... for I have been a disturbing factor and a thorn in Your flesh.'” A “rugged capitalist who had been the chairman of the employers' committee in the big strike” put his left hand on the labor leader's shoulder and said, “'Jimmy, on this basis we go on together.'”
Vereide and his new brothers spread out across the Northwest in chauffeured vehicles (a $20,000 Dusenburg carried brothers on one mission, he boasted).
Their goal: A Proto-Fascist (Business run) Government, Union Free Country, Privatized Education, and the End of Social Safety Nets all in the Name of Jesus and Freedom. Vereide organized Prayer cells throughout the US, Europe, and even in Asia/Middle East similar to Stalin's five man cells.
Doug Coe continued his work and The Family boldly broadcasts The National Prayer Breakfast our Presidents attend each year.
There are prayer groups in every State Legislature, groups in every town in America, and within corporations.
Matthew Lyons outlines some missing threads of how The Family operates in his article:  A powerful review of Jeff Sharlett's book, The Family, by Matthew Lyons  
This is beyond the scope of Sharlet's work, but he does offer helpful bits and pieces, as when he notes traditionally strong ties between the Family and the oil and aerospace industries (19), or Family-organized seminars for executives in oil, defense, insurance, and banking (22). All of that is broadly consistent with previous accounts of capitalist support for the Christian Right. (See, for example, Mike Davis, Prisoners of the American Dream (Do Read the Epilogue), or Thomas Ferguson and Joel Rogers,Right Turn: The Decline of the Democrats and The Future of American Politics, published in 1986.)

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Who wrote the Gospels?
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How did the Christian religion come to be centered in Rome? Why were the
first Christian pope and earliest saints all members of the Flavius Caesar
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