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St. Marks New Pastor in Lawsuit - Sojourner Truth and the Second Advent

New Pastor of St. Mark

Pastor Phillip Pointer is St. Mark New Pastor

Pointers' Salary is $700,000 annually and $50,000 for for anniversary.
It is no surprise that Phillip Pointer was chosen to pastor St. Mark. He was the only candidate who had experience of converting a traditional Baptist Church into a Full Gospel (COGIC) church. He will continue the conversion from traditional baptist to Full Gospel (COGIC) started by Steven Arnold and the teaching of British Israel. (Aryans Jews are God Chosen people)
Based on the tenants of Full Gospel and Phillip Pointer's on-line college degree - he will promote the diabolical Luciferian rapture doctrine, eternal security, and the new age prosperity religion.
I have some serious questions and concerns:
1. Is St. Mark new pastor a swindler, hustler, luciferian rapture hoax preacher, crook, false prophet or con-artist?

If what Pointer's former members are saying about him is true, shouldn't he be behind bars at Laurel Hill Correctional facility than behind the pulpit at St. Mark? 
St. Mark should had contacted Department of correction for applicants. They have plenty of con-artist who received on-line college degrees and are just as qualify to steal church assets and swindle the members.
5. Did the Elders of St. Mark know of his devious acts at St. John Baptist?
6. Are the elders looking at the spiritual welfare of the church members or what they can financially gain by having a pastor with experience of stealing church assets and running off the older members?

7. What has Pointer accomplished to warrant a $700,000 salary?

8. Are the elders of St. Mark acting in St. Mark best interest or are they part a BIG SCAM on the members of St. Mark?

9. Why did Pointer betray the members of St. John Baptist?
10. Are the Elders of St. Mark betraying the members by bringing a pastor with a history of being a church demolition man?
11. Are there masonic developers looking at St. Mark’s property?
12. Is the Little Rock research park in the picture?
13. Are any of the elders of St. Mark belong to the Luciferian Freemason cult?
14.Are the elders of St. Mark following the orders of their white masonic masters ?
15. St. Mark is the largest and one of the fastest growing plantation in Arkansas.

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee.
1Cor.14:33For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

Pointer in litigation - A Sad Story

He change the constitution for personal gain in 2002.
Steven Arnold change the St. Mark Baptist Constitution in 2002. Why?

A Church Divided

By Alex Hampl

St. John Baptist vs. Phillip Pointer
Members of St. John's Congregation wrote a brief history of the church in Alexandria. According to that history, the “St. John Mission” was formed on N. Alfred St. in 1925. Later that year, Deacon David Askew, the chairman of the Deacon Board, wrote letters to 13 churches asking that the mission be made a church. The council approved and in 1926 the mission became the St. John Baptist Church. The church quickly grew, enough that it was able to purchase the current building, dilapidated at the time, and remodeled it. In 1948 the renovation was complete. Later, in 1973, numerous renovations were made. An educational building and a kitchen with a separate dining area were built then, and 10 years later, after the congregation had outgrown the original capacity, a 100-seat addition was built. In 1993, the church finally convinced the City of Alexandria to sell them the parking lot behind the church.
The Split

Providence St. John's pastor Phillip L. Pointer. (Image from
In December 2000, St. John’s Rev. John W. Johnson retired as pastor, and the church formed a search committee to find his replacement. By 2002, Phillip L. Pointer, Sr. had been installed as the pastor-elect and was given the position permanently the next year. Under Pointer, several major changes were made to the church. In 2004, St. John’s was incorporated as a non-stock, non-profit organization through the State of Virginia State Corporation Commission. About one year later, the church met to appoint trustees who were then verified as legal owners of the church property in court. (St. John’s Baptist Church owns the property and the trustees make the decisions on behalf of the congregation.) This group of trustees had no intention of moving services or selling the property.
Pointer, however, felt differently. After he was appointed pastor, he also named himself CEO. According to evidence submitted in the ongoing civil case, the church’s new Constitution gave Pointer total authority. However, the trustees were the only ones recognized in court as owners of the property. Pointer announced that St. John’s would be merging with Providence Baptist Church in Upper Marlboro, Md., a failing church run by his grandfather. The group of trustees led by Diggs alleges that Pointer gave the pastor of that church, his grandfather, a “generous retirement package” and also
failed in his promise to maintain and operate St. John’s in Alexandria. Additionally, sources confirmed that Pointer had put up the church and Providence Baptist as collateral in order to obtain a $1.8 million mortgage on the property in Maryland. Pointer refused to comment for this article, citing his lawyer’s advice.
“We elected the pastor for St. John’s, not for this church in Upper Marlboro,” Diggs said. “I understand he wants to help his granddaddy, and as Christians we are supposed to help people, but not at the expense of 80 other parishioners.”
The Civil Case
Services have stopped being held at the church because the group led by Pointer and Traverse Gray, Sr. is attempting to sell the property. Approximately 60 – 90 congregation members are currently attending services at Charles Houston; Pointer would not say how many, if any, parishioners had followed him to Upper Marlboro. The group contends it has the right to sell the property because it transferred the deed in a sort of legal end-around. Gray signed a “Confirmation Deed” in 2006 as both “Grantor” and “Grantee” for the St. John Baptist Church. Essentially he had transferred the deed to himself. However, the Diggs group is challenging the legality of this transfer, citing that the previously approved group of trustees was still the owners of the property and that Gray’s deed was never actually approved by the Court.
“The corporation that transferred the deed to Providence St. John’s was not the owner of the property at that time,” said Horace McClerkin, the lead counsel for the Diggs group. “The trustees were the owner of the property, and they do not have the authority to transfer the property without church approval.”
“He [Pointer] just decided he could sign all the papers,” said Diggs. “But it’ll play out in court. It’s just not good for St. John’s, period.”
The case went to court when the Diggs group filed an injunction against Pointer after the pastor had removed all of the church’s property and moved it to Providence Baptist in Maryland. “They removed all the church’s assets, which is why we filed the injunction to begin with,” said McClerkin.
The Pointer group motioned to have the injunction dissolved, and the judge agreed, unless Diggs and the trustees could post a $1.4 million dollar bond, a somewhat unusual measure.
“I believe the burden is not on the trustees and the fiduciaries in this case to put up the million dollar bond,” McClerkin said. “The trustees are the owners of the property.”
Diggs went further, saying, “A bond was not needed and never had been installed in a case in Virginia.”
McClerkin said that he has been “aggressively” pursuing discovery and has served an interrogatory request, but his requests have gone unanswered. “It’s very difficult to respond to a request for documents when you don’t have the documents and you know you don’t have them,” he said.
Diggs added, “They have had 60 days to respond to discovery and they haven’t at all. They seem to think they’re above the law.”
McClerkin did not seem optimistic about a settlement between the sides, given the lack of response from the Pointer camp thus far. “Unless they’re willing to return all the property they took and basically undo everything, I don’t really see settlement as an option,” he said. “It’s really too early to talk about it though, anything can happen.”
Potential Buyers
The sale of the church is currently at a stand-off and not just because of the disputed ownership and the pending court case. According to sources, Pointer’s group approached developer Eakin/Youngentob about selling the property, valued in 2011 at $303,419. EYA is the developer that has partnered with Alexandria Redevelopment Housing Authority to build Alexandria’s newest public housing units, many of which are mixed in with the developer’s market-rate town houses in Old Town. Specifically, Eakin/Youngentob just redeveloped the James Bland and James Bland Addition Projects into a mixture of public housing and market rate units, known as the Old Town Commons. In essence the EYA – ARHA partnership controls all the property immediately surrounding the church. According to sources, ARHA was approached by E/Y about developing on the church property but declined to get involved in the church’s ongoing struggle. EYA also had preliminary discussions with Alexandria Capital Planning Staff, who also advised them that there would be difficulties in tearing down the church. EYA now has no plans to move forward with the church property.
To make matters more complicated, St. John’s sits in the heart of the Parker Gray Historic District and is protected by the Parker Gray Board of Architectural Review. Any potential buyer would face the hurdle of having the church designated as an historic site by the Board, thus preventing its demolition. The building itself has always been valued by the City at $0, and it could be deemed a historic site. This has led to the current situation where buyers are wary of the property until after the ownership case is resolved, and even then if the Pointer group is allowed to sell the property, the church may still be protected.
In the Meantime
For now, much of the St. John’s congregation has continued to hold services at Charles Houston, led by minister Charles Hall. It is still unusual for the parishioners, and it is impossible to not be distracted. Still, despite all the acrimony over the cancellation of services at the church and the subsequent injunction, Diggs and the others haven’t forgotten the root of their disagreement – faith.
“There are no bad people on either side,” he said. “It’s just a difference of opinion… Now God will decide.”

Responses to “A Church Divided”

  1. christianboi says:
    I think it is a shame that Pointer is kicking older members out of the church, some of these one that help him along and that are old enough to be elders. I have never ever heard of no Pastor in my lifetime that puts Christians out of the church because you are struggling over in Maryland and want to sell a Historic Building the heart of Alexandria to help pay your mortage that is crazy and foolish. St. John had been a pillar in the community of Alexandria and will remain. The devil tried to God always have the final answer and St. John aint going no where and he is bigger to put members out of the church because of a buck he need to be EXPOSED everybody needs to know other newspapers and the every channel news needs to know. ST. JOHN WILL STAND FOREVER UNTIL THE RETURN OF CHRIST.
  2. WorkInProgress says:
    First I want to address Christianboi, I understand that you seem to be upset about this situation but let me say this, St. John is a building and from my understanding a building does not mean that you as a christian have lost anything. Being a christian should be within you and not about a building!! I will have to say that this is a lot of Hoopla about some so called Christians that are getting all upset about a building. When you have Christ in your heart it doesn't matter where you hold service. I know that you will probably not agree with me and that's truly alright, we all have our own opinions and that is just what it is an opinion. Trust and believe that God will prevail over this situation and He will do what is best for all!! I am a life-long resident of Alexandria and I am aware of the St. John Church, I also am a follower of Pastor Phillip Pointer and I do know that He is truly a man of God!! The Bible says that one can not touch an anointed person of God and anything good will not come to them! I trust that this will all be over soon and the DEVIL will find his place and get somewhere and SIT DOWN!!!! Please don't get me wrong I feel for all who are involved and I will be praying for your true strength in God and allow all this mess to be over with soon!!! So with that said, if I stepped on any toes, Oh well so be it!!! Praying for all the saints involved and may God bless all of you!!!
  3. christianboi says:
    This is some encouragements to Offical St. John Baptist Church God has not brougth u thus far from 1925 until Present to leave and forsake you. The community local church, northern va area are standing with and for you. God wont let no body tear down a church for money God build that church and it will stand. I think Rev. Hall is doing a great job in leading the congreation along with the Deacons and Trustees God is about to give everything that was taken from you and more. God is about to send u an increase in members and finaces he is about to bless this branc of Zion, so hang in there the devil tried to destroy like the bible says what God has join together let no man tear apart. We the community of Alexandria and the Northern VA are standing with you and for u. Bless You and God watch over this branch of Zion in Jesus Name.
  4. Browneskinn says:
    I hope Pointer is reading this. This is really sad and I am appalled that the members elected him as Rev. Johnson's successor. It's a great lesson here to be learned and that's even the Devil knows scriptures. We have to watch what and who we chose to follow. With that being said I pray that God will not allow him to win this case. St. John Church was built on the backs of some of my friend’s great grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers, aunt’s sisters and so on. The members should have realized his intent once he merged the two churches. For Pointer to attempt to remove a piece of our History from Alexandria shows his character and also supports the fact that this was his intentions from the beginning. Pointer electing himself CEO should have been another sign. If all church institutions allow the Pastor total control, we will have money hungry people building and taking churches from its members just as Pointer is trying to do. He's young, greedy and lacks any compassion for the original members of St. John. As for the younger and newer members who support what he's doing - you too should be ashamed. It was the elderly members of St. John that kept the church afloat for decades. I can attest to that because that's just the way it has been for centuries. Even the church I attend it's the tides and offerings that is given by elderly members of most churches that keep them functioning. The CHURCH has always belonged to the people. If in fact he's a TRUE MAN OF GOD, he would back out gracefully and have faith that he can resurrect Providence Baptist Church in Maryland with his new members and leave St. John in Alexandria. I guarantee he won’t get very far. As for the remaining members GOD WILL PREVAIL. He always does.
  5. christianboi says:
    Let me address Working in Progress first of all if you read the article in the middle section and you are a follow of Pointer then youn will see where his lawyer told him do not comment on this and the word is out that he told the members do not comment on the article either because this could be use in the trial.
    Second of all I am long time resident of alexandria too almost 50 years I joined St. John in the early 70's and no I am not mad I am very dissappointed in a man that called his self a Pastor and steals and treats elderly people so cruled thas what I have a problem with and I know the legal and law I know the bi-laws I have a whole lot of money in that church and anyway the building cannot be sold its Histroical so know whats going on then goin on hear say you don't need to respond.
  6. christianboi says:
    @Brownskin I agree with you all the way it a shame that a man that called his self a Pastor the word is all over Alexandria, and I look for this to be in the Washington Post and all of the news channels God has the final say and I cannot wait til the trial in Janaury 2012 to see him pay for all of this. He is now very embrassed because he ha has been EXPOSED VERY BAD. St. John is going to be just find God is going to bring them back up and into the church where it was founded in 1925 and he if took everything out to sell for money thas terrible thas not annointed because if he was a true annointed man of God and fill with the Holy Ghost then he would just pray and God will send him the finances and other means to take care of the ministry. God will supply them with all BRAND NEW THINGS. Be blessed. All of alexandria and the northern va churches are here and supporting St. John

Steven Arnold Marriage Licenses to Third Wife
Dec. 11-2012 - Marriage Licenses Steven Arnold, 52, and Regina Hildreth, 44

1Tim.3:1This is a true saying, If a man desire the office of a bishop, he desires a good work. 2A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behavior, given to hospitality, apt to teach; 3Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous; 4One that rules well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity; 5(For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)

Special Report: Bishop Arnold's Fall From Grace - Little ...
13 hours ago – Two years ago one of Arkansas' most respected preachers, Bishop Steven Arnold, hit rock bottom because of an affair with the wife of a young ...

Ez.22:25There is a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst thereof, like a roaring lion ravening the prey; they have devoured souls; they have taken the treasure and precious things; they have made her many widows in the midst thereof. 26Her priests have violated my law, and have profaned mine holy things: they have put no difference between the holy and profane, neither have they shewed difference between the unclean and the clean,

St. Mark Baptist Church Little Rock Pastor Search Review:

March 11, 2012
St Mark Pastor Search Up-date
Here we go again.
A few months ago the elders asked the church to pray and fast for three days on the two candidates that the search committee had as their finalist after a year long search. It had been a while since I had fasted for three days but decided to go along with the program. The result of the corporate fast was one name. WOW the church-wide fast worked. God had answered St. Mark’s prayers. But wait…a few on the elders committee decided to over ruled God’s answer to St. Mark’s prayers.
Here we go again..
Did God answer the prayers of St. Mark the first time?

I would like to commend the nominating committee for doing an excellent job, unfortunately their tiring efforts are in vain. Their work is only a facade. Their real choice and the people choice will never get pass the controller or the elders who are serving as illuminati agents.
Two of the current candidates are traditional baptist ministers. They are well qualified to pastor a traditional baptist church but St. Mark's constitution from hell call for a pastor who is an Illuminati religious agent. St. Marks' constitution of 2002, implemented by Steve Arnold is far more damaging to the spiritual destruction of St. Mark than any moral failure. I see why Bishop Arnold received such a generous severance package. He hijacked St. Mark.
The pastor that the illuminati and the elders will choose will be successful in hijacking traditional Baptist churches and turning them over to Full Gospel. Full Gospel is a branch of The Church of God in Christ. C.H. Mason alleged founder of COGIC received the name and doctrine from Charles Fox Parham (founder of KKK West Coast, founder of Assemblies of God, Grand-master of Freemason) Parham believed in Anglo Israelism or the Anglo European is God’s chosen people. Parham was also a disciple of Albert Pike who worshiped Lucifer as his God. Thus you have COGIC and Full Gospel teaching the Luciferian Rapture Doctrine. Although this doctrine is taught in Southern Baptist Churches and seminaries, it was not the teaching of traditional Black Baptist Convention Churches nor is it in harmony with the truth that emerge from the Protestant Reformation. It is a anti-protestant and anti-reformation doctrine.

Illuminati ministers will believe and teach Anglo Israelism (British Israel -Rapture) and they will promote the COGIC-Full-Gospel and Illuminati agenda. The question is who will make the best over-seer. The master of the plantation usually chose the Negro that was best suited in keeping the other Negros on the plantation in check. The master controlled what the HNIC thought and what he taught. What the master controller feared most was an independent thinking black man.
Only one candidate is qualified to be the illuminati religious agent of St. Mark. He received his undergraduate college degree from an on-line correspondence school. He come from a family of hijackers who use the title of Bishop.

The other two candidates are for show.
St. Mark constitution forbid any other minister to be a senior pastor other than a hijacker who will be under complete control of the illuminati kabal.

Who is the controller of St. Mark?
Whose constitution should St. Mark follow, God’s or Man’s?
Is St. Mark God’s Church or does it belongs to the Illuminati?
Did God answer St. Mark’s prayers the first time?
Who will stand up for the Kingdom of God?
Will the vote for a new pastor turn out to be like the rigged Florida vote of 2006?
Who do the Elders represent?
Can the Elders be trusted? if they could be trusted, St Mark would have their pastor from the first process.

At a special called meeting on October 15, 2011, it was announced that St. Mark will maintain the current status quo: the church will continue to function without a senior pastor and the Board of Elders will maintain full control of the church.
The members were asked to suggest names for a senior pastor.
Back to square one.
Prior to the called meeting the search committee presented the final results of their year long search for a new pastor. A name was presented to the Board of Elders but three elders rejected Pastor Vincent Windrow as senior pastor of St Mark because that selection pose a threat to their Illuminati agenda.

To maintain their power and current salaries, the elders decided to re-start the search process.According to the current constitution, the name of the search committee should had been presented to the members for a vote. This was not done.
The action of the Board of Elders was not in harmony with St. Mark's current constitution, nor the will of the people nor was the action in harmony to the will of God.
The actions of the Board of Elders was in harmony with the Illuminati agenda and the prince of Darkness.
St. Mark Board of Elders grossly abused their power and authority.
God is not the author of confusion.

The Board of Elders rejecting the search committee recommendation caused serious damage the reputation of St. Mark.

The action of the Board of Elders was unconstitutional and illegal.

It was an absolute violation and breach of the governing by-laws.

The action of the board showed contempt to the process, blatant disregard to the will of the church membership and most of all the action of the Board of Elders showed shameful disrespect to all the ministers who applied for the position. Their action will cost St. Mark millions of dollars in lost offerings as well as making the church liable to court litigation.

A restart of the process would allow the church elders to retain control of the church for maybe another year or until the search committee present a name that the board could easily control. The concept of the board of elders is foreign to the constitution of The Baptist Convention or Missionary Baptist. The concept of Board of Elders is part of the Full Gospel and COGIC organizational structure.
The root of the problem at St. Mark is their constitution.
The current constitution does not allow a pastor outside of the Illuminati sponsor Full Gospel (COGIC) to be accepted by the board of elder as senior pastor. It allow for only an illuminati trained minister to serve as senior pastor. The current constitution is a chaotic mixture of Baptist and COGIC (Full Gospel) but mostly COGIC.
The board is made up of elders picked by the previous pastor who was a COGIC minister and ordained as a COGIC Bishop. Every bishop regardless of denomination is sponsor and supported by the Illuminati. St Mark Board of Elders was hand pick by an Illuminati minister.
In essence the current constitution was formulated by Illuminati religious agents. It is the foundation for Illuminati control of St. Mark Baptist.
St. Mark must decide if they are a Baptist church or an Illuminati sponsor Full gospel (COGIC) church. If they are a Baptist church, St. Mark must formulate and adopt a new constitution and by-law.
St Mark need to change their name to St. Mark Church of God in Christ or St Mark Full Gospel if they keep the current constitution.
The current constitution is unworkable in a Baptist church. 


While living in New York, Isabella attended the many camp meetings held around the city, and she quickly established herself as a powerful speaker, capable of converting many. In 1843, she was "called in spirit" on the day of Pentecost. The spirit instructed her to leave New York, a "second Sodom," and travel east to lecture under the name Sojourner Truth. This new name signified her role as an itinerant preacher, her preoccupation with truth and justice, and her mission to teach people "to embrace Jesus, and refrain from sin." Sojourner Truth set off on her journey during a period of millennial fervor, with many poised to hear her call to Jesus before the Day of Judgement.


Sojourner Truth first met the abolitionist Frederick Douglass while she was living at the Northampton Association. Although he admired her speaking ability, Douglass was patronizing of Truth, whom he saw as "uncultured." Years later, however, Truth would use her plain talk to challenge Douglass. At an 1852 meeting in Ohio, Douglass spoke of the need for blacks to seize freedom by force. As he sat down, Truth asked "Is God gone?" Although much exaggerated by Harriet Beecher Stowe and other writers, this exchange made Truth a symbol for faith in nonviolence and God's power to right the wrongs of slavery.

  1. Sojourner Truth, along with several members of her family, are buried in Oak ... Town," the more than 2,000 local church members observed the Sabbath on Saturday.

Sojourner Truth's grave by .JAIMEE..
A frequent lecturer at the “Old San” was Sojourner Truth, shown in this portrait with President Abraham Lincoln.

Sojourner Truth ( 1797-1883)
Christened Isabella Baumfree, Sojourner Truth was a Black abolitionist, who developed attitudes more favorable towards President Lincoln than some of her colleagues.

"Hoping to visit Lincoln, Sojourner, when she was about sixty-seven years old, made a long, round-about journey from Battle Creek, Michigan, which was then her home, to Washington, D.C. After she arrived, she found to her surprise that she was unable on her own to secure an appointment to visit Lincoln. Sojourner then asked Lucy Colman—a white, Massachusetts-born schoolteacher who had become an anti-slavery lecturer—to arrange it for her. After some weeks, Mrs. Colman, using Mrs. Lincoln's black dressmaker as a go-between, succeeded in arranging an appointment. When Mrs. Colman finally took Sojourner to the White House on 29 October, [1864] the two women had to wait several hours until it was their turn to see the busy president. Having every expectation of being welcomed, they were not 'sitting-in' in protest," wrote historian Carleton Mabee.1

Sojourner Truth herself said: "Upon entering his reception room we found about a dozen persons in waiting, among them two coloured women. I had quite a pleasant time waiting until he was disengaged, and enjoyed his conversation with others; he showed as much kindness and consideration to the colored persons as to the white. One case was that of a colored woman who was sick and likely to be turned out of her house on account of her inability to pay her rent. The president listened to her with much attention, and spoke to her with kindness and tenderness."2

British journalist Fred Tomkins said that on February 25, 1865 Sojourner Truth was denied admission to the White House and that when he mentioned it to Mr. Lincoln, he "expressed his sorrow, and said that he had often seen her, (and] that it should not occur again." Historian Mabee maintains that "available evidence indicates that although Sojourner was not welcomed at Lincoln's White House as quickly as she would have liked, nor always welcomed, nor clearly welcomed with 'reverence,' at least she was welcomed once, and probably more often." 3

    1. Carleton Mabee, in Martin H. Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh, editors, The Price of Freedom, Slavery and the Civil War, Volume One, The Demise of Slavery, p. 352.
    2. Sojourner Truth, letter on November 17, 1864 (
    3. Mabee, Greenburg & Waugh, p. 353.

MonumentPark.jpg (49369 bytes)BATTLE CREEK, Mich. --Almost 3,000 people cheered as Dr. Velma Laws-Clay, chair of the Sojourner Truth Dedication Committee declared, "the moment has arrived" during the dedication ceremonies for the Sojourner Truth Monument at the Kellogg Arena on September 25 .
The Sojourner Truth Institute of Battle Creek and the committee have worked with the National Association of Negro and Black Professional Women (NANBPW) and other supporters since 1997 to develop the monument. The project was originally suggested by the NANBPW in 1993.
Battle Creek Mayor Ted Dearing officially welcomed Sojourner back to Battle Creek. "She will serve as a constant reminder of her messages of dignity, respect and freedom for all, messages that are just as relevant today as they were 100 years ago," Dearing said. "Let her serve as a reminder that though we have come far as a city we can do better, and let us not rest until all have freedom and equality." More than 12 musical and artistic groups participated in the dedication, including the Hope College Gospel Choir, the Battle Creek Boy Choir, the Battle Creek Girls Chorus, and the Kellogg Community College Eclectic Chorale among others. The dedication festivities also featured the artistic work of thousands of Calhoun County students through the Arts Focus on Truth program coordinated through the United Arts Council of Calhoun County. The Kellogg Arena activities were followed by a March for Truth from the arena to Battle Creek’s Monument Park led by the University of Michigan Marching Band.

Sabbath Truth -The Truth about the Sabbath

href="" style="color: #105cb6; text-decoration: underline;">
Roman Church Create Christianity and Jesus? Caesarsmessiah 
 Who was Jesus?
Why is there no historic archaeological evidence of his existence?

Who wrote the Gospels?
Why were they written in Greek, rather than Hebrew or Aramaic?

How did the Christian religion come to be centered in Rome? Why were the
first Christian pope and earliest saints all members of the Flavius Caesar
ruling family?

History of Christianity -

Who Was Serapis Christ - Who Invented The Serapis Cult
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