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Obama Meet with Egypt's Mubarack - Huckebee: No Palestinian State in Holy Land - Origin of False Rapture Theory -

Obama: Encouraged on Mideast peace, Egypt's support

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama won lavish praise from his Egyptian counterpart on Tuesday and spoke of an "extraordinary opportunity" for making peace in the Middle East, saying he was encouraged by U.S. efforts to restart talks between Israel and thePalestinians.

Seated next to President Hosni Mubarak, who was making his first visit to the U.S. capital in five years, Obama thanked his Egyptian counterpart for joining him in trying to construct a deal that has eludedworld leaders for more than six decades.

Returning the compliment, Mubarak asserted that Obama's speech to the Muslim world — delivered in Cairo earlier this summer — had convinced Arabs the United States truly was an honest broker.

The 81-year-old Egyptian leader, who was estranged from the Bush administration, said Obama had "removed all doubts about the United States and the Muslim world."

Mubarak said, "The Islamic world had thought that the U.S. was against Islam, but his (Obama's) great, fantastic address there has removed all those doubts."

Obama's positive assessment of the peace effort was issued in response to a question about reports that Israel had stopped granting permission for new settlements in the West Bank, even though building in progress was continuing.

Obama has made a resumption of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians one of his key foreign policy goals, hoping a breakthrough there would lead to wider agreements among the Jewish state and theArab world.

To that end, Obama has demanded that the Israeli government ofPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu freeze construction of Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, land that the Palestinians want for a state. Netanyahu's public refusal has opened a rare rift between the traditionally close allies.

Nevertheless, Obama said: "The Israeli government has taken discussions with us very seriously." He said he was "encouraged by some of the things I am seeing on the ground."

"All parties," Obama said, "have to take steps to restart serious negotiations," including Palestinian efforts to end the incitement of violence against Israel.

Obama took pains to include references to needed steps not only from Israel but also the Palestinians and the larger Arab world.

"If all sides are willing to move off of the rut that we're in currently, then I think there is an extraordinary opportunity to make real progress. But we're not there yet," Obama said.

Mubarak said an end to Jewish settlement activity was central to a resumption of Israeli-Palestinian talks and a wider improvement of ties among the Israelis and all of its Arab neighbors. Egypt made peace with Israel 30 years ago and Jordan, Israel's eastern neighbor that formerly controlled the West Bank, followed suit, but not until 1994.

Mubarak took a traditionally tough stand about the thorny issues that still must be settled between Israel and the Palestinians, saying he had told the Israelis that they must "forget temporary solutions and forget about temporary borders."

The Arabs, backing a long-standing peace offer from Saudi Arabia, have said they were willing to recognize Israel and make peace if the Jewish state returns to borders as they existed before the 1967 war. Israel annexed all of Jerusalem and captured the West Bank during that conflict.

Mubarak looked robust despite reports that he was growing increasingly frail and preparing his 46-year-old son, Gamal, as a successor.

Egypt has an exploding population, ravaged by widespread poverty and high unemployment. The Egyptian president, who has ruled the country for 28 years, has kept a lid on Egypt's burgeoning social and fundamentalist Islamic religious pressures through heavy repression of much of the political opposition in Egypt. He has been particularly tough on the Islamic fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood, the most organized group challenging his rule.

Mubarak had been a regular visitor to Washington during the Clinton administration. Then he stayed away to protest the U.S. invasion of Iraqand President George W. Bush's intensified pressure to open the Egyptianpolitical system and moderate its human rights policies.

But that was in the past, Mubarak said.

"Relations between us and the United States are very good relations and strategic relations. And despite some of the hoops that we had with previous administrations, this did not change the nature of our bilateral relations."

Both leaders said they had talked about reforming Egypt's political system, but Obama has been far less vocal publicly — an obvious bid to lower the temperature in relations with the Middle East's most populous Arab country. Mubarak's fulsome praise of Obama suggested the strategy was paying benefits.

U.S. critics, however, insist that Obama must not relent in pressuring Mubarak on reform.

On Iran, one of the largest and most complicated foreign challenges facing Obama, Mubarak said he and Obama talked at length about concerns that Tehran is trying to build a nuclear weapon.

Mubarak — like Obama, the Israeli leadership and many Arab countries — sees a nuclear-armed Iran as a "game-changing" possibility that could upend the power balance in the Middle East.

While noting they confronted the issue, neither leader indicated how they intend to move forward.

Obama has sought to establish a dialogue with the Iranians but has set a September deadline for Tehran'sIslamic leadership to respond.

A next U.S. step would center on efforts to enforce tougher U.N. sanctions aimed at punishing Iran economically and further isolating the Islamic regime, which claims it is developing the technology for nuclear generation of electricity, not a bomb.

Israel has spoken openly of a military attack on Iran's nuclear facilities but is widely believed to have agreed to stand down to give the U.S. policy time to work.

Israel Quietly Halts Settlements Despite Publicly Rebuffing Obama


JERUSALEM — Israel has quietly moved to halt new housing projects in the West Bank, while outwardly rebuffing U.S. pressure to stop construction in its settlements, Israeli government officials, peace activists and settlers said Tuesday.

It isn't the full settlement freeze the Obama administration has been demanding, but it indicates that Israel is seeking a compromise in what has become a rare public disagreement with the U.S., its most important ally.

The government has issued no new construction permits for months, the officials, activists and settlers said, a rare agreement among elements that are usually bitter enemies – evidence that this is a new policy aimed at defusing the settlement squabble.

Asked about the Israeli step, President Barack Obama said he was "encouraged by what I am seeing on the ground."

US and Egypt Push for Progress on Mideast Peace

Huckabee slams Obama in pro-settlement Israel visit

Huckabee says 2 states in Holy Land 'unrealistic'

JERUSALEM — Former U.S. presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said Tuesday there should be no Palestinian state in the West Bank and endorsed Israeli settlements there, sharply disagreeing with Washington and much of the world.

A three-day tour of Israel, hosted by a far-right group of religious nationalists, is taking Huckabee to some of the most contentious hotspots in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict including a West Bank settlement outpost that even Israel's hard-line government considers illegal and an east Jerusalem housing project that the Obama administration has demanded be halted.

Israel officially refuses to freeze its settlement activity, but officials have confirmed that approval is now being withheld from fresh projects.

Huckabee's opposition to a Palestinian state puts him at odds with the accepted wisdom of both Democrats and Republicans — and to some degree even with conservative Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has come out in favor of some form of Palestinian independence.

Obama vs. Netanyahu : The Big Showdown – Israel Recalls Diplomat in US – Hagee Rally for Netanyahu – Cantor and GOP Delegation of 25 Head to Israel to Support Netanyahu – Obama Addresses Dr. Henry Gates Controversy – Israel in Bible Prophecy?

The Big Showdown - Obama vs. Netanyahu

The congress of the United States is under great pressure. There is going to be a showdown between Netanyahu and Obama. Member’s congress will have to decide who they will support. There is no way that Obama’s Middle East initiative will become a reality without congress. Most of the GOP will want Obama to fail so they will throw their support behind Netanyahu, but on the other hand, the Democrats will have to decide weather to support their leader and President or to support the Jewish lobbyist who have been bank rolling their campaign for many years. If they support the Jewish lobbyist, than the people might turn against them at the ballot box esp. if the go against a popular president. If I was a betting man, I would put my money on the Democrats going against Obama and going for the money since they have already proven their greediness and lack of integrity. Maybe the democrats will care for the security of this country and seek a Middle East Peace plan and support their President.

The The Rapture, The Dome and The Third Temple –

British Israel, The Hidden Hand Behind The ‘Kingdom of God on

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The Impact of Christian Zionism on American Policy and World Policy

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The Truth About The Rapture – Its Significance and Influence in World Control -

Luciferian Rapture Doctrine Books and Conferences - Beware of False Preachers and Teachers

Welcome to Faith Bible Institute!

Jesuits Priest Thomas Ice is the Supreme Head of the False Prophet Society. He is the leading authority and promoter of the Anti-Christ, Anti-Protestant and Luciferian Rapture Doctrine. He is leading millions of sincere christians down the road of perdition.

Twilight's Last Gleaming -DVDBeyond Iraq by Mike Evans: Book Coverspacer.gifMike Evans in Israel

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    4. Futurism: The Third Foundation

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    Israeli Soldiers Testify: We Used Gazans as Human Shields!

    The Origin of the Rapture Doctrine - Rapio - To Steal, Kidnap, Rape

    The rapture theory is not Biblical and was founded as an Anti-Reformation tool of the Catholic Church. The purpose of the rapture theory was to destroy the reformation or control protestantism, recapture the Holy Land and establish the New Word Order and the One world government. The rapture theory has more to do with the racist, arrogant and diabolical concept of British Israel than anything pertaining to the Kingdom of God. The rapture theory is from the pits of hell, created by Luciferians, and promoted by agents of the prince of darkness.

    Barbara Rossing said in her book The Rapture Racket,

    ” the Rapture is a fraud of monumental proportions, as well as a disturbing way to instill fear in people.

    “Whether prescribing a violent script for Israel or survivalism in the United States, this theology distorts God’s vision for the world,” Rossing writes. “In place of healing, the Rapture proclaims escape. In place of Jesus’s blessing of peacemaking, the Rapture voyeuristically glorifies violence and war …. This theology is not biblical. We are not Raptured off the earth, nor is God.

    Where did the rapture theory originate and why?

    Reformers such as Luther, Calvin, Huss, Zwingli, Melanchthon, Bullinger and others had identified the Catholic Church as Mystery Babylon in Revelation and the Popes as the Anti-Christ. Millions of sincere Catholics were leaving the mother church and joining the reformation movement.. The church set out to neutralize and destroy the protestant movement.. What they could not do through brute force and the military inquisitions they did through political espionage, spiritual intrigue, and using mind control techniques by secret societies. Most of the books published on the rapture are brainwashing the readers mind. All of the books writen by Tim Lahaye’s, John Hagee, Jack van Impe, Jerry Jenkins , John Walvoord and movies such as the Omega Code and Megiddo are design for mind control. This anti-protestant doctrine is taught in many universities and seminaries such as Dallas Theological Seminary, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Southwestern Assemblies of God, Zion Bible College, Moody Bible Institute, Global University, Liberty and Regent University and well as a host of other leading colleges and universities The rapture cult has the largest following than any cult in the US or Europe.

    Why were sincere Catholics, priests and monks leaving the Catholic Church.?

    People were leaving because of corruptions in the church. If one look at the Babylonian sun worship, and the present Roman Catholic Mass there are many similarities. Baal worship seem to have taken over the Catholic Church. The icon of the virgin mother and child with halos (representing the sun), Mary as the queen of heaven, (Isis – queen of heaven) confessionals, wafer worship, transubstantiation, and priests as exclusive mediators of God were all derived from the Satanic Babylonian religion. Roman Catholicism became a mixture of witchcraft, Judaism, paganism, and perverted Christianity. When this corruptions was exposed by the reformers, Rome was outraged, and staged Holy Inquisitions, design to rid the world of heretics. The Inquisition included torturing and murdering people who didn’t not agree with the Catholic views. Ten of thousands of people were killed and some historians even put the numbers in the millions. Later, in response to the Vatican’s oppressive dogma, Martin Luther, a former Augustinian monk, nailed his 95 theses to the wall of a church in Germany, heralding Protestantism. . The Vatican was shaken as Protestantism spreads rapidly through Europe. In order to stamp out the spiritual rebellion, Pope Paul III ordered Ignatius de Loyola to found the Order of Jesuits, which would act as the intelligentsia and secret militia of the Vatican. Loyola had already founded the occult Illuminati, which he then placed under the umbrella of the Vatican ” Ignatius a Merovingian Jew from Loyola Spain was a member of the Alumbrados before he founded the Illuminati and the Jesuits. The Merovingian Jews claim to be decedents of Jesus and Mary of Magdalene. Thus you have books and movies like DaVinci Code, Prieure de Sion, Passover Plot, Holy Blood Holy Grail, Bloodline of the Holy Grail, being produced and circulated by Hollywood Kabbalist movie studios and publishing houses controlled by the Illuminati. These books are blasphemous teachings design to nullify the true Gospel of Jesus. Many of the Popes, Cardinals, Bishops and Priest were Merovingian Jews whose agenda was to destroy true Christianity and pervert the true gospel.

    The Jesuits Oath:

    I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants’ heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus.”It was when Pope Paul III convened the Council of Trent that the church formally addressed the protestant reformation with edicts, dogmas and doctrines. A disciple of Ignatius, Francisco Ribera came up with a theory that would take the attention off the Pope as being the Anti-Christ and put it on some future individual. This was the beginning of the Rapture doctrine. The Jesuits infiltrated the protestant movement, developed protestant theology, and purposely mis interpreted scriptures relating to Bible prophecy. They also controlled the educational system and bribe and blackmailed governments of Europe and America to promote their agenda. Two other groups that were instrumental the origin and development of the rapture theory were the Knights Templars (Masons) and the Knights of Malta (Knights of Columbus).

    Barbara Aho said in her article (The Merovingian Dynasty) “it was also the The avowed objective of the Templars was to protect the Christians who came to visit the Holy Places: their secret objective was the re-building of the Temple of Solomon on the model prophesied by Ezekiel.

    “This re-building, formally predicted by the Judaizing Mystics of the earlier ages, had become the secret dream of the Patriarchs of the Orient. The Temple of Solomon, re-built and consecrated to the Catholic worship would become, in effect, the Metropolis of the Universe.”

    In my up coming blog I will go into more detail about how the Jesuits and the Illuminati set about to implement the Rapture theory to achieve their goal.. Protestant churches, Evangelical seminaries, and bible talking and Bibleprobe preachers like John Hagee, Jack van Impe, Jack Hayford, TD Jakes, Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Pat Robinson, Creflo Dollar, Bishop Charles Blake, Billy Graham, and masons who promote the rapture have been seduced by Jesuits theology and manipulated by the kabbalist practitioners, thus they are part of the world-wide Anti-Christ conspiracy.

    If you are reading this document, I strongly suggest you print it out, send it to your friends and family members, because it would be taken off this web site by the workers of the prince of darkness. May the Spirit of God lead you into all truth. God Bless.

    Confessions Of A Former Jew

    Confessions Of A Former Jew


    The Palestinian Right of Return: The Unfulfilled Human Right


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