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Rihanna Pics - Truth about AIDS and HIV - Secrets Exposed

Chris Brown assault charge against Rhianna, UPDATED. Share: ... and chris brown has got to be one of the biggest idiots alive if he thinks ..
Chris Brown

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Obamas Minister - HIV-AIDS is a eugenics de-population agenda

Indeed, investigative research suggests that HIV-AIDS may very well be part of a reported eugenics de-population agenda. Eugenics 

Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. had called America the "No. 1 killer in the world" and blamed the country for launching the AIDS virus to maintain affluence at the expense of the Third World. The vilification of Reverend Wright for his comments is part of a growing trend toward fascism in the United States.

In prevailing American neo-fascist milieu, people who dissent from the established “party line” are subjected to public defamations like those directed at Rev. Wright Jr. Such a milieu undermines the kind of political dissent which is vital to a democracy.

Indeed, investigative research suggests that HIV-AIDS may very well be part of a reported eugenics de-population agenda. Eugenics is an elite oriented doctrine which legitimates the spread of diseases, in “population control” against “inferior groups” to free-up “scare resources” for “racially superior” stocks of human beings. 

AIDS: 'The Manufactured Virus'

From the Official U.S. Govt. Documents House of Rep.

American Masses Hoodwinked

Proof: Department of Defense Appropriations for 1970
H.B. 15090


“AIDS, NIXON and AMERICA’S FUTURE: PL91-213” by Boyd E. Graves, J.D.. It is hard to believe the public law that authorized AIDS will be thirty one years old

The Creation of AIDS for Population Control (Genocide)The Real Truth

In 1969, Fort Detrick told world scientists and the Pentagon asked for more money, they knew they could make AIDS. Nixon’s July 18 secret memo to Congress on “Overpopulation” serves as the start of the paper trail of the AIDS Holocaust.                                                                                                                         In 1970, President Nixon signed PL91-213 and John D. Rockefeller, III became the “Population Czar.” Nixon’s August 10 National Security Memo leaves no doubt as to the genocidal nature of depopulation.  

In 1971, Progress Report #8 is issued. The flowchart (pg. 61) will forever resolve the true laboratory birth origin of AIDS. Eventually the Special Virus program will